• Library Commission Exhibit

    Date: 17.01.2011 by admin

    Jerri and I are exhibiting at the Mississippi Library Commission until the end of February, with a reception January 20, 5-7pm.  Below is the invitation from the commission:
    The Mississippi Library Commission would like [...]

  • New Work by Robert Holleman on display at Light and Glass Studio

    Date: 11.08.2010 by admin

    Robert Holleman, noted ceramic and print artist, will be exhibiting his new neriage pottery (vessels thrown from different color clays with a clear glaze) and print work at Light and [...]

  • Jerri’s Booth

    Date: 06.12.2008 by admin

    This year we went with a corner booth, it is a slightly different setup than normal, but so far the response has been good.  We also added five more lights [...]

  • Chimneyville

    Date: 05.12.2008 by admin

    Jerri and I will be at the trade mart all weekend for the annual Craftsmen’s Guild show.  Tonight is the preview party, then tomorrow (Dec. 6) we will be open [...]

  • Ides Gallery

    Date: 09.09.2008 by admin

    I’ve uploaded a gallery of the photos in the Ides of the South exhibit to Light and Glass.  The folder contains one image that isn’t in the Starkville version of [...]

  • Installing Ides

    Date: 06.09.2008 by admin
  • More Mississippi State Images

    Date: 11.08.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:
  • Starkvegas

    Date: 10.08.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Jerri and I have been together for about 10 years, married for the last 7. I guess I have had so long to get used to how she is, that [...]

  • Happy July!

    Date: 08.07.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    As I patiently wait for flexcolor to process twenty-seven-gajillion raw files into digital negatives (I use a dual-redundancy system, probably a pilot hangup) of the cutest miniature sumo wrestler ever, [...]

  • Nature Conservancy Awards

    Date: 08.07.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    It was brought to my attention that I never posted images of Jerri’s cast glass pieces she created for the Nature Conservancy (I still think I did, but I can’t [...]

  • Sandusky Review .com

    Date: 03.07.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Gorjus has probably already posted about this over at prettyfakes.com . . . I’ll do an update later with any specific posts . . . there is now an official [...]

  • Live and Let Draw

    Date: 26.06.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    I just finished my piece I am submitting for the Live and Let Draw Call for Entries. The winning artwork will be used for the Greater Jackson Arts Council’s [...]

  • Winter Wednesdays/Here and Now Images

    Date: 20.03.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Now that I finally have all of the images posted, and rearranged a bit, you can see all of them here. The new ones are the Feb. 20 and 22 [...]

  • New Ideas, or Re-working Old Ideas

    Date: 05.03.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    I was very excited about this image when I first showed it to Jerri for her opinion (an essential part of my process, despite the fact that I don’t always [...]

  • Here and Now @ 121 Studios

    Date: 17.02.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    More improv pics . . . I didn’t intend for Daniel to be the post photo for this one too, but it is hard to top cutting off your dreads [...]

  • And now for something Old . . .

    Date: 10.02.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    I shot a fashion spread for JFP back in the beginning of November, which I said I would put online.  Well I just got to it.  All of the images [...]

  • Here and Now

    Date: 08.02.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    The Mississippi Improv Alliance had an event this past Wednesday at Belhaven College’s dance studio. It was organized by daniel johnson, who was kind enough to invite me to [...]

  • Humanities Redux

    Date: 23.01.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Jerri has been a busy bee, and I have a new favorite Humanities award . . .

    I’ve also added a few more new shots of her work to the slumped [...]

  • Single Reflector on High Key

    Date: 17.01.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Sadly for you I don’t always have someone around to help me test things out, so you get stuck looking at me.  I was trying to achieve a pure black [...]

  • Selective Color …

    Date: 10.01.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Was there ever a fashion you made fun of and then wore, or a song you mocked but ended up secretely loving, well this isn’t the same. Its not. I [...]

  • Humanities Awards

    Date: 08.01.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Jerri has received a commission to create quite a few glass pieces for the humanities council. She is somewhere around the half way point in creating them, and I’ve [...]

  • Stereo Image Gallery

    Date: 08.01.2008 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    I’m not going to recap the show as if I was writing this before it happened, for that you can head over to prettyfakes.com and read the many posts by [...]

  • Poetry and Photography

    Date: 01.11.2007 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    I found this pairing of photograph and poetry inspired by it a while back, I think on Alec Soth’s blog (which he is no longer posting to).

    THE FLOODED GRAVE (after [...]

  • Exploitation

    Date: 25.10.2007 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    I read a list of dos and don’ts for graduate studies photographers a while back, and thought about the rules I had broken, the rules famous photographers have broken, and [...]

  • Jacktoberfest Today!

    Date: 19.10.2007 by Roy Adkins Tags:

    Jacktoberfest will be going on today from 11am until after 10pm tonight on Congress Street in downtown Jackson. There will be art, music, and food (mainly of the meat [...]

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